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Why study for your degree online in 2019?

The challenges of today for traditional educational institutions — including inflated tuition fees, budget reductions, and course shortages — are pushing many students to search for alternatives. Today there are almost three million students...

6 Essential Ways To Pick Your University Abroad in 2019

6 Essential Ways To Pick Your University Abroad in 2019 Here you will find the most significant criteria to consider when selecting your future university to analyse abroad: 1. Select your desired subject area So, you have...

Top Apps Loved By Students

Explore 5 killer apps that are must haves on campus for college students in 2019. IStudiez Pro Never miss a college deadline again. This app lets you...

Why invest time in curriculum mapping?

Curriculum maps key benefits Curriculum mapping is a tool that aids teachers in keeping track of what has been taught during the year and to plan what's going to be taught...

Prevent Study Stress With 4 Top Tips

If you have ever suffered the misfortune of experiencing burnout during your studies as a student, you will already be aware of how important it is to minimise study stress. If you are to...

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