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First Aid at Work guidelines by HSE in the UK

How to choose a first aid training provider as an employer?

Be sure that the first aid training that you are looking to provide to your employees is appropriate and up to the required standard, with this guide on how to choose the best first aid training provider for your business.

Why invest time in curriculum mapping?

Benefits of curriculum maps for educators Curriculum mapping is a tool that aids teachers in keeping track of what has been taught during the year and to plan what's going to...

Prevent Study Stress With 4 Top Tips

If you have ever suffered the misfortune of experiencing burnout during your studies as a student, you will already be aware of how important it is to minimise study stress. If you are to...

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Degree Abroad

Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad Pro's of studying abroad It's that time of the academic year again, exams are finished and it's the perfect opportunity to use your new found (if fleeting) freedom to polish...

Why study for your degree online in 2019?

The challenges of today for traditional educational institutions — including inflated tuition fees, budget reductions, and course shortages — are pushing many students to search for alternatives. Today there are almost three million students...

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