Difference between UPSC and TNPSC

How exactly UPSC and TNPSC are different from each other? Well, we all know that both are the examinations for Public Service Commission. UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission and TNPSC stands for Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission. You might be wondering that both are related to Public Service Commission. But, these two are different. In this post, you will get to know what is the difference between UPSC and TNPSC exam? Read this entire post to learn the difference.

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TNPSC- Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is one of the toughest exams in Tamil Nadu. It is conducted by Tamil Nadu Government every year. Basically, there are 4 groups in this examination namely, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, and Group 4. These are the higher positioned jobs to lower positioned jobs.

Group 1 includes the posts like DSP, Deputy Collector, Assistant Commercial Tax Officers etc. While other groups like Group 2, 3, and 4 include the jobs for the post of Assistant, Clerk etc in various sectors of the Government.

All the Indian candidates who are eligible can apply for this examination. But, it is mandatory for all the applicants to have knowledge of Tamil language.


UPSC – UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission, which is conducted by the Central Government. This is basically conducted in almost all the states of India. In India, UPSC is one of the constitutional bodies and is authorized for recruiting the brilliant and deserving candidates for various jobs in Civil Services.

Most people think that UPSC is just a name of an examination, but it is not true. UPSC is a constitutional body of the Indian Government on the basis of which people are hired for the posts like IAS, IPS, IFS, and many other.

If one is an engineering background, he/she can give a separate examination named as UPSC Engineering Service Exam. By appearing for this examination, one can get a job of IES officer. But, if one wants to be an IAS Officer, it is mandatory to appear for the UPSC Civil Services Examination.  It also constitutes four groups namely Group 1, 2, 3, and 4. But these groups are for the lower posts. Such post include Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Education Office, and other.


This can be concluded from the above mentioned article that UPSC and TNPSC are different from each other. UPSC is basically for the candidates from all over India, while people from Tamil Nadu only are eligible to apply for TNPSC Exam.

All Government Employees are Generally Provided with Good Accommodation and Other Facilities

There are thousands of vacancies in the government of Madhya Pradesh. If you have completed your bachelor and master degree and seeking for a government job, you can join as a professor.  MP govt jobs will provide you a timely promotion and you can draw the pay scale at the age of 33 that is impossible for other civil servants. Although other government employees work hard they could not reach this salary scale. Madhya Pradesh chief minister announced that 33%of jobs are reserved in various departments in all state government except forest. And also insisted that women could accommodate in many official roles so 33% of women will be appointed in the police department.

Reservation for women for teachers posting will be 50%. As women are working better than men in many fields and administrating the government much better than men. Vyapam is a government body where government jobs are conducted in Madhya Pradesh. Similarly, in many places, there is a huge competition getting bribes to push candidates who are not eligible for government jobs through copying and impersonation. There are many places with poor economics so the government jobs have become highly coveted and it has great inducement to cheat. Recent days, the scam is the main issue deep involving a lot of political hands of the government and there may be top state leaders involving too. Mostly the political parties do not unite to offer benefits to people but they unite and put their hands together in scamming. The retirement age of Madhya Pradesh government employee is 60 years. It is the same for water resource department, rural engineering service, and public work department. Getting a government job is not an easy task today. In Madhya Pradesh, 12 lakh candidates applied for 9000 government job posting so you can just imagine the number of job aspirants from other parts of Madhya Pradesh.

How to Crack RRB Railway Exam in First Attempt

How to pass the RRB Railway Exam in a single Attempt?

Most of us desire to work under the Indian Railways, isn’t it? Yes, indeed because of its numerous benefits. Our Indian Railways has many regions along with a number of job opportunities will be available every year. So, now after applying for your preferred jobs in Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) or Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) Next what…!! It is to prepare well for the upcoming Railway Exams. Since every year many individuals apply for the Railways obviously the competition will high be making the chance of getting selected for your desired posts low. Therefore, in this article, the railways jobs aspirants can find the tips to crack the Railway Exams.

Tips to score well in the RRB Railways Exams

First, let us see the what kind of examinations that may take place under the RRB ALP Recruitment. The Authority of the RRB or RRC conducts the examinations based on the job roles and responsibilities. Most of the times the written Examinations based on the general Aptitude questions like Aptitude, General English, Reasoning etc. And few of the questions are related to the specific field that the applicant chooses at the time of registration.

How to Crack RRB Railway Exam in First Attempt

  1. Get the previous Year Question Papers 

    Check out the last year’s question papers, Model Papers, Sample Papers etc. So, that you will get the idea about your strong and weak areas of strength.

  2. Prepare a correct Timetable 

    Based on the exam pattern and syllabus prepare your Time – Table. And just work according to that. And half of the success is already achieved there only.

  3. Utilize your Time Wisely

    Start preparing for the upcoming Railway Exams at least 1 month before the exams. So, that you will get more time for revision, and you can cover more topics.

  4. Practice 

    practice well which in turn helps you to score well. And if you get good grades indeed your chances of getting selected is very high.

Thus, hope this information we have provided for you is beneficial. And all the best for your Forthcoming Railway Jobs Examinations.