Why invest time in curriculum mapping?



2. Benefits of curriculum maps for educators

Curriculum mapping is a tool that aids teachers in keeping track of what has been taught during the year and to plan what’s going to be taught for the remainder. With curriculum mapping, educators can record data about the curriculum to identify core skills developed and which content has been taught.

Key benefits that make it worth investing your time in curriculum mapping include:

Curriculum maps create a school’s persona. Schools commit to specific initiatives, such as diversity and inclusion or innovative thinking work. Teachers can use the curriculum mapping to map completed work to units within the map, to track how individual pieces of work fit within the overall strategy for the year or term.

Curriculum maps are collaborative. Curriculum mapping is collaborative by nature. Teachers can then easily create units together. Curriculum maps enable the academic planners to coordinate with teachers.

Curriculum maps create a resource centre. With curriculum maps, everything from assessments to activities are in one place. Curriculum mapping provides a comprehensive resource centre including hyperlinks to resources in context.

Curriculum maps live with the school. Teachers have editing rights to the planners, which prevents the deletion of files and helps to orient new teachers with what’s been done before. When a teacher leaves the school, the content lives on.

Curriculum maps use tools teachers are already familiar with and use every day. Not another login! While busy prepping work, teaching and marking, educators don’t need to have yet another computer account to remember on top of doing there job. Curriculum mapping frees educators to spend more of their precious time writing curriculum.

Curriculum maps are in the cloud and are automatically saved. With a cloud based system, losing work is a problem of the past. Revision history lets educators see how academic units have evolved and changed over time.

Curriculum maps