Three insightful questions to help you get the job

The Yes Men

Getting the job isn’t just about answering the right questions. You may be surprised to hear that asking the right questions can actually give you the edge over other applicants. Successful interviews are also about asking the right questions.

When I attend an interview I listen intently. I’m not just thinking about my answer the interviewers questions, I’m also thinking about their motivation for asking them. That train of thought leads to questions of my own. If you can generate a conversation, rather than a mere question and answer question, you can get rapport. Rapport is the key to landing that job!

“what do your questions say about you?”

Here are the type of questions that you can ask, that will showcase that you came prepared and that you really want the job:

What do you enjoy most about working here (in this company)?

If you hear a passionate response that truly aligns with your own values, for example the company’s attitude towards diversity and inclusion or the company’s commitment to employees and respect for the individual. That’s a sign that you’re onto a good thing.

Office of Career Services

What’s the biggest challenge facing this company / department right now?

The interviewer may want to keep the cards close to their chest here. Take a guess at what the challenge may be, based on the research you have done into the company. This is a great opportunity to show that you have researched the competitive landscape.

What is the one key skill that you’re looking for in the ideal candidate?

Be prepared to have this one thrown right back at you. This question should demonstrate that you have given your suitability to the role some thought. This is an opportunity to shine.

In this company, what does success look like?

This answer will tell you a lot. It’s a smart and open question that covers a lot of ground. You’re indirectly asking about how employees are treated, future opportunities for promotion and internal processes. Listen intently to the answer to this one.