Shining a light on fast track electrician courses – gain the essential industry level 3 electrical qualifications you need to become a qualified electrician

Becoming an electrician is a highly rewarding occupation. Electrical skills are in high demand. The Office for National Statistics in the UK compiles data on the construction sector and electricians have sat at the top of the list of highest earning tradesmen for a number of years now. The ONS reported in 2018 that the average electrician’s salary is just over £30,000.

As with anything worthwhile in life, becoming a qualified electrician does require some work. In the UK, the electrical engineering industry expects any electricians who are working unsupervised to hold an ECS Gold Card. To obtain the ECS Gold Card, you must hold a level 3 electrical qualification to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and practical competence to meet the minimum standards needed to work in the industry today.

What are the essential level 3 industry qualifications to be a qualified electrician?

Electricians that are qualified to perform electrical work unsupervised are in big demand today. As mentioned earlier, to perform unsupervised electrical work you need to hold an ECS Gold Card. To get the ECS Gold Card, you must get an industry recognised level 3 NVQ qualification. There are a variety of level 3 qualifications available to suit candidates with varying experience levels.

Qualifications for new entrants to get their ECS Gold Card

For electricians with less than 5 years’ experience, that already hold NVQ 2365 Levels 2 & 3, the following two NVQ 2357 will enable you to apply for your ECS Gold Card and JIB Grading –

  • NVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation
  • City and Guilds Level 3 in Electrical Maintenance

Qualifications for experienced electricians to get their ECS Gold Card

If you have over 5 years’ electrical experience, the NVQ 2356 ‘mature candidate assessments’ are a great option to apply for your ECS gold card or JIB grading. The following level 3 courses are available for mature candidates –

  • NVQ 2356-99 Electrical Installation course
  • NVQ 2356-99 Electrical Maintenance course
  • NVQ 2356-99 Panel Building course
  • NVQ 2356-99 Installing Instrumentation course
  • NVQ 2356-99 Installing Public Lighting Systems course
  • NVQ 2356-99 Electrical Machine Repair and Rewind course

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How do I become a qualified electrician?

So now you know what’s needed to become an electrician, an industry level 3 qualification, your next question is likely to be, what’s the best way to get a level 3 qualification?

Whether you’re just starting out on journey to become an electrician, or you’re already working in the trade, there are a wide range of training options available to you today. In this article, we shine a light on fast track online electrical training.

You are probably already familiar with the traditional routes of attending college or completing an apprenticeship to gain your electrical qualifications but do you know that you can gain your qualifications with online electrical courses these days? In the past, electricians typically had to take a lengthy college course or complete an apprenticeship in order to become qualified. Today, online electrical courses enable you to become a qualified electrician in a much shorter timeframe.

Attending a face-to-face course at college can be inconvenient. If you’re already working, going to college is likely to involve taking time off work. Online electrical courses are a fast, convenient and cost-effective path to gain the essential level 3 qualifications that are required to get the ECS Gold Card to become a qualified electrician.

Advantages of online electrical courses to gain your electrical qualifications

  • Work remotely – you can create your evidence portfolio around your day job, at times to suit you and at your own pace
  • Flexible – you can usually take online electrical courses at your own pace. Some students choose to study part-time, around other commitments such as work or family. Alternatively, you can complete your course in record time, if you’re determined to become a qualified electrician ‘like yesterday’
  • Quick (at your own pace) – how long your electrical training takes depends on you the student, your experience and the pace of your studies. However, online electrical training is definitely one of the quickest ways to become an electrician today

To learn more about the  training options to get the essential qualifications you need to become a qualified electrician, see this more in-depth article – how to become a qualified electrician and gain in-demand electrical skills fast.

Next steps to get started with online electrical training

Arguably, there has never been a better time to become a qualified electrician. The demand for skills is high today, with good salaries to match. Today with the wonders of modern technology, online electrical courses offer a quick, convenient and cost effective way to gain the essential qualifications required to become a qualified electrician.

Although there are a number of online electrical training routes available, XS Training are one of the UK’s most established electrical training providers. Why not check out XS Training online electrical courses, as they offer a really wide range of courses to suit all abilities and experience levels?

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