We all have the ability to concentrate ― sometimes. Think of the times when you were engrossed in a super novel, while playing your guitar or piano, in an especially good game of cards, at a spellbinder of a movie. It seems easy to get into a state of ‘flow’ or deep concentration during our lesuire time. But how powerful would it be to easily switch into a deep state of concentration when that assignment is due, or during that important exam? Read on for six essential tips to develop the ability to summon a deep concentration state on demand, whenever you need one.

Concentration techniques

How to Avoid Distractions While You’re Studying

You really want to study and excel in your exams, you’ve promised yourself you will get through that university, but how do you focus? There are very few people, who can study for hours at a stretch, without getting distracted. The key to drawing on deep concentration when your studying may surprise you. Am I going to suggest some kind of voodoo like meditation technique? No it’s actually much simpler than that. What is this powerful secret I hear you ask. Well it’s simple, just take yourself into a quiet place, preferably with a desk, where there are as few distractions as possible. That’s right, the college library is probably all you need. Remove temptation and it’s much easier to get down to work!

Creating a Good Study Environment for Students

Has it happened to you, that you’ve sat in a place for hours, trying to study, but getting very little studying done? Did you always blame it on your lack of concentration, or your laziness? Maybe you are not sitting in a conducive environment. If your widescreen TV is staring you in the face or your XBOX is beckoning you to have ‘just a quick game’, it’s going to be a lot harder to resist temptation and get down to work.

Motivating Yourself to Study for Exams

Motivation is an important factor that would help you to study well for your exams. This is not an art or a big technique. It is as simple as your need to feed yourselves everyday. Habits are a simple mechanism to give yourself the best chance of getting down to business when it’s time to be productive. However, to develop habits, keeping your overall goals and visions in mind can be really helpful. It’s much easier if you have a career goal in mind. Why not take 2 minutes every morning to visualise yourself in your chosen career in five years time.

How to Stay Focused While Completing Your Thesis

Studying Now that’s a million-dollar question. Let’s figure out how to stay focused while studying, and not lose concentration. Game? No, you gotta study first!

How to Study for a Test

Exam times are never easy. The thought of tests or exams builds up pressure giving rise to a lot of stress and anxiety. Hence, learning to study is a must, so as to maintain mental composure during these times of stress and pressure.

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Benefits of Taking Breaks

While Studying Studying for hours on end without taking any breaks or intermissions can cause restlessness, lack of concentration, and reduced learning. Learn how you can benefit from taking short recesses while studying, which will improve your.