Explore 5 killer apps that are must haves on campus for college students in 2019.

Online degree courses

IStudiez Pro

Never miss a college deadline again. This app lets you track important events on your academic calendar. Get your college life in order with this organisational app.

“the best choice for college students to schedule and track homework, assignments, and grades all in one place.”

TED Mobile App

Access over 3,000 on demand talks by the globes thought leaders. Expand your knowledge and learn how the world’s greatest minds view the world. From business leaders, to educators to rock stars, the planet’s leading lights have done a TED talk. Get them all on your phone with this app.

“over 3000 TED talks beamed right to your mobile phone”


This is the note taking app that is ideal for students that want easy access to resources. Write notes, organise your notes, share study resources and collaborate with other students without ever leaving the app. Get more done with your notes with Evernote.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram is the world’s leading scientific language app. This is the perfect app for students who are taking on more technical classes, including maths and science. Wolfram has access to a huge collection of algorithms to auto generate answers and produce reports.


Never lose your notes or your assignments again with the cloud sharing app Dropbox. With Dropbox, your work is baked up automatically in the cloud. You can even share files with other students, your teachers and with friends, with a few simple clicks.